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October 18, 2007

Acme Corporation

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  1. I just love the focus on the anvil. The background is terrific.

    This was just such a cool find, meaning the entire town. I had photo shots galore and could have shot for hours there. When you visit, I will take you… ~jenn

    Comment by SMID — October 18, 2007 @ 04:05

  2. Okay SMID shamed in for my not commenting more often. I confess. I lurk here a lot. I try to comment on things you have written, and even then I don’t always.

    And there is really only one reason and it is not laziness or busy-ness or the complicated drama that comes with raising kids. I am in awe. I am dumbstruck. I would never think to take the pictures you take. My eyes fail to see the world that way and when they do, there is not a camera in reach. Even the pics that I think will be astounding then come out with some technical flaw of lack of lighting or poor background or too much in the composition. And if I do manage to have one I am quite proud of, when I got to have it copied and sent round to others, the copies come out with too much blue or overexposed. I even have a great self portrait that I took great pains to set up one time of a new haircut! It turned out so cute that I had dozens made to send to friends and family for Christmas. And it came back with a scratch across my face. And the scratch was on the negative!!!

    So, no wonder I am not a photographer. And if I lurk, it is because I cannot be as admiring and profound as your work deserves.

    I am amazed at times at the story your pictures tell. Have you noticed. Go back and view them in order, ignoring who took what when. Now imagine this is the story being told be one person documenting their adventures. Some connections are easy to follow; a tractor and then apples! Some show the changing journey: the churning falls followed by serenity. And the contrasts bring up striking thoughts; a leaning Eifel tower, and hanging sunflower head.

    Your pictures take me on journeys that I know you never thought of. And I don’t promise to always tell you where I go. But I will try to let you know I stopped by more often!

    Wow. SMID should chide you more often. That was a grand comment FA and I appreciate each and every word! ~jenn

    Comment by Fourier.Analyst — October 18, 2007 @ 12:17

  3. what is that? What did the Acme Corporation do? Cool focus.

    I agree with FA : I would never think to take the pictures you take. My eyes fail to see the world that way. You both see beauty in things that I simply overlook.

    The title of this one is actually a joke of sorts. Based on the Wile E. Coyote cartoons from the 70’s where he was always ordering devices (like anvils) from the Acme Co. to destroy the roadrunner. Perhaps not quite accessible to my non-American viewers, but that’s the reason behind the title.
    Thank you for your great support of us here at this site, and for your insightful comments. ~jenn

    Comment by goofball — October 18, 2007 @ 13:54

  4. The title was GREAT! I love the rusting patterns and the angle. And the background versus the hard angles of the foreground.

    Comment by Jen in MI — October 19, 2007 @ 12:57

  5. aaaah I know roadrunner…but not more in detail than the ‘mheeep-mheeeep’ sound :p. Thanks for the clarification.

    you still make me wonder where your walks lead you too to find such things on your way!

    I tend to wander where the lens leads me! Sometimes those who are strolling with me get a little impatient as I say “hold on… I see a shot”. But hey, it’s my hobby… my timing, right? ~jenn

    Comment by goofball — October 19, 2007 @ 13:50

  6. Automatically makes the think of Animaniacs. “Anvillania…. Anvillaniiiiia.” 😀

    hehe. You crack me up. ~jenn

    Comment by CableGirl — October 19, 2007 @ 16:29

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